Electronic equipment and contract manufacturing

DA-Group delivers technology solutions and equipment to various industry sectors. Our services include equipment deliveries, contract manufacturing and logistics services. We are a trusted partner to our customers when it comes to the manufacturing and assembly of systems, electronic equipment and electronics or the manufacturing of precision mechanics.

Our manufacturing unit has been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. Our manufacturing services utilize modern equipment. We also have specialized spaces, such as cleanroom, bonding stations, precision mechanics workshop and electronics assembly facilities. For example, assembly work that requires an especially clean space or microcircuit bonding will be done in a cleanroom, where the air is thoroughly filtered and the temperature and humidity are accurately controlled. This arrangement prevents fine particles from causing faults in the components.


DA-Group's electronics manufacturing capacity was increased in 2014, when it acquired Nelcomp Oy Ltd, a company specializing in electronics assembly work. This business acquisition made it possible for DA-Group to seamlessly deliver electronic solutions and products for its customers.

  • Full range of machine shop facilities, including several automatic CAD machining centers, supported by a full range of high precision manual machine tools
  • MMIC, chip and die integration and bonding
  • SMT assembly; the automated assembly line consists of a paste printer, dispenser, placement machines and a reflow oven
  • Hand mounting, wave and hand soldering
  • Wave soldering machine
  • Testing and mechanical assembly; MMIC bond strength and die shear test, product-specific testing devices, and various riveting machines
  • Repairs and inspections; repair station and X-ray
  • Material management; component drying, vacuum machines, circuit board protection, various lacquers and coatings, including ECSS conformal coating
  • Electronics potting (silicone/resin)

Precision mechanics and injection mold supplier

HeViMet designs and manufactures high quality injection molds for plastics manufacturing customers. The company also produces precision-machined mechanical parts by specialty milling, electrical discharge machining and wire EDM process.

HeViMet serves globally operating Finnish companies, who manufacture thermoplastic products. For these plastics manufacturing companies, it is essential to have well designed and top quality injection molds for their production. The common factors for HeViMet‘s and DA-Group’s customers are the most stringent machining and quality requirements.


A major investment of a fully automated, 5-axis machining center with robotics benefits HeViMet’s as well as DA-Group’s customers requiring the highest precision and quality. The automated machining center with its robotics can be operated 24/7 unmanned, producing significant efficiencies in production quantity and quality.



Oy Nelcomp Ltd.
Tel. +358 29 0802 910
Kassimäenkatu 2
FI-30300 Forssa


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Vili Heiskanen

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