Passenger Information Solutions for Urban Transportation

Passenger safety and satisfaction are the important goals of public transportation operators. Our vehicle computer and display systems are designed to increase enjoyment and ease of passengers. 

The Heart of the Information - The Open IP Choice for new and existing vehicles

The platform retrieves and receives operator transport and vehicle data to display the information on various devices, such as passenger and infortainment displays as well as driver control panels.

In addition, the system interfaces with any third party devices, such as cameras and speakers, especially important in retrofitting projects.The platform is like a pumping heart for vehicle and passenger information,


For the operators and rail car manufacturers, our computer and display systems present a sound investment. The are robust and durable to meet the demands for extreme environments.

The Computer System - Reliable Control and Use for Operators

As illustrated in the above graph, DA-Design provides vehicle computers for networks and user interfaces. The DAVEC vehicle computer works as a part of the network managing all devices in open IP network, including the displays (LED, LCD), userdriver interfaces, CCTV cameras and servers, audio announcements by using IP audio amplifiers and interface to outer networks.

  • DAVEC - Vehicle Computer System

  • DAVED - Driver Panel



The Passenger and Infotainment Displays  - Safety and Satisfaction

The displays can easily be customized for special uses suitable also for challenging retrofitting of existing fleet. Additionally, the display system offers operators excellent opportunities to collaborate with advertisers to run their campaigns in vehicle display media as well as passenger information.

The are designed to have a low lifecycle cost: durable and light weight displays with low energy and maintenance requirements. Aluminium profile housing with antireflective front glass are ruggedized and protected against hard environments. Each display has a mounting possibility to walls or ceilings. The display can be mounted in the portrait or landscape positions.

  • DAVED - Passenger and Infortainment Displays



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