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Mechanical testing measures the mechanical resistance of your equipment during transport and use. Testing in accordance with standards, such as the IEC 60068 series, provides a reliable indication of the mechanical resistance of your equipment.

Our environmental testing equipment allows for vibration, shock, shaking and shock-induced testing. In addition to these, we offer free-fall testing and have also a high-speed camera.


OTHER ELECTrical measuring and analysis services

In addition to our standard testing services, we can perform more unusual tests and measurements. Let's discuss your needs and how we can help.


On-site testing is used to perform equipment evaluation at a customer location, factory or other non-laboratory test venue. Product compliance testing in the field is used when equipment may be physically too large for a test laboratory or when special support equipment or infrastructure is needed to operate the equipment. The testing may cover various EMC, safety and machinery requirements. 


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