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DA-Group has more than a quarter of a century of experience in critical space missions. This long experience in space business combined with defence and national security knowhow makes DA-Group a unique partner. 

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) combines multiple modern technologies, such as satellite imaging and IoT technologies, to provide critical information for uses in aviation, military, healthcare as well as everyday consumer applications.


For space-based military and defence applications, our expertise covers the development, delivery and maintenance of systems and equipment. Examples of our solutions:


Our customers have high safety and security requirements to meet in all deliveries. For mission critical projects, DA-Group's experts ensure the performance, safety and reliability of solutions in all conditions. Our operations meet the national safety criteria (Katakri 2015) and we have audited security facilities. DA-Group also has the capacity to operate in international projects that require Facility Security Clearance (FSC) and Personal Security Clearance (PSC) certificates. The company's NATO NCAGE code is A576G.




DA-Group has the expertise and capability to deliver space situational awareness. Situational awareness can be generated actively by radar or passively by monitoring the electromagnetic spectrum. We have the capability to provide situational awareness using both methods. The EISCAT 3D radar stations are an example of radar-generated spatial imagery.

DA-Group supplies the First Stage Receiver Unit and Sub-Array Transmitter System. The receiver units include low frequency amplifiers, analogue-to-digital converters and the first stages of a digital beamforming system. The receivers are connected to each antenna of the EISCAT 3D radar system at the radar stations. The transmitter system includes an RF transmitter with a total power of 5 megawatts.

A similar radar system will allow the simultaneous tracking of several satellites. This provides a complete picture of the flying objects or satellites over the target.




The Immune Satellite Navigation System (iSNS) is an anti-jamming antenna system filtering out GNSS interferences and spoofing. iSNS has an operationally proven capacity to provide reliable, non-stop GPS operation providing comprehensive jamming immunity over extensive geographical areas for multiple satellite channels, handling multiple interfering signals and/or jammers that operate on concurrent frequencies. iSNS is compatible with all types of GPS systems, without prior knowledge of the locations of GPS satellite or GPS receiver antenna. 

Modular and customizable, iSNS is designed for a wide variety of land, sea and airborne applications, in the defence and in other governmental areas. Its small footprint enables adaptation to compact platforms, and it can be installed as an independent add-on kit.

The iSNS solution is in high demand due to rapidly increasing GNSS jamming threats. Its superior performance provides effective and efficient solution to this rising operational need. DA-Group will manufacture and market Elbit Systems' Immune Satellite Navigation System.



DA-Group is the first Finnish company to be authorized to manufacture Galileo PRS receivers. The European Union's Galileo satellite positioning system provides a Public Regulated Service (PRS), a regulated geo-information service for governmental and public authorities managed by the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA).

A secure PRS service enhances the ability of public authorities to respond to normal and emergency situations where conventional positioning systems may be vulnerable. The availability of the PRS signal is also guaranteed during climatic disturbances, technical interference with satellite signals and various societal disruptions. The reception of the PRS signal is restricted by encrypting the signal and distributing the decryption key only to authorised users.

 DA-Group, as an authorized operator, designs and manufactures receiver equipment using PRS technology and components. 




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