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Space is present in our daily lives now and in the future, even if we don't always necessarily realize it. How easy it is to find your way around a foreign city with the help of satellite navigation. Among other things, this is made possible by satellite positioning systems, such as Galileo in Europe and GPS in the United States.

Global warming, increasing frequency of extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, and scarcity of clean food and water are just some of the challenges that space-based information is helping to solve. We need more reliable and accurate weather data, global network connections, uninterrupted data transfer and accurate 3D imagery.




DA-Group has been working with the European Space Agency (ESA) and global satellite manufacturers for several decades. We deliver sustainable solutions to challenging space technology problems based on our vast experience in radars, radiometers and space situational awareness. Our services cover the whole supply chain, from R&D, product development, manufacturing and testing to lifecycle management.


Space and satellite technology programs are long-term projects that create new solutions and products through international cooperation and continuous knowledge development. The exploitation of research results in product development and later in finished products requires both deep knowledge and strong project skills.

DA-Group's staff has become professional project specialists thanks to the learning and working on several space projects. Over the last few years, DA-Group has delivered key systems and subsystems in flying satellites, such as Sentinel-1 A, B, C and D as well as MetOp-SG 89 GHz receiver. The combined expertise and the overall mastering of services from prototyping to equipment manufacturing support successful deliveries from start to finish on schedule. 




Radar Systems
High-performance system components and equipment are used both in satellites launched into space and in  applications on ground.  DA-Group experts have developed microwave and RF systems for space projects, including radar altimeters, SAR assemblies, radiometer receivers and calibration subsystems, microwave transmitters and receivers.  

DA-Group designs & develops, manufactures and deliveres radiometers and radiometer calibration systems. The calibration equipment electrically generates the desired thermal radiation with high accuracy, which is used as a reference for measurements. The radiometer calibration system we have developed ensures even more accurate and reliable measurement data.  

RF Solutions
As an RF technology expert, DA-Group designs and manufactures solutions for demanding environments utilizing radio wave, microwave and millimetre wave technologies. We have been working in the field of RF solutions since the 1970s. Our experience covers a wide range of applications.




DA-Group has more than a quarter of a century of experience in major space deliveries. Today, our lives are extensively intertwined with space-based solutions and is dependent on the benefits of satellite services such as global positioning, weather forecasting and communications. The number of satellites is increasing at an accelerating pace. DA-Group is involved in getting information on space situational awareness for both civilian use and national security purposes.




Building a snapshot of space
For military and defence applications utilizing space, our expertise covers the development, delivery and maintenance of systems and equipment. In the field of situational awareness solutions, DA-Group is the first Finnish company to be authorized to manufacture Galileo PRS receivers. 

National security
The deliveries and products to our customers must cover security, performance, and reliability criteria in all circumstances. Our operations fulfil the criteria for national security (Katakri 2015) and we have dedicated and audited security-classified spaces. DA-Group also is authorized to work in international programs, which require Facility Security Clearance (FSC).



For over two decades, DA-Group has  been a provider of design and implementation of satellite systems for the European Space Agency (ESA) and Airbus Defence and Space. Through this cooperation, DA-Group's space expertise is realized in several major ESA satellite projects, most recently the EU's Copernicus Earth Observation program. DA-Group's contribution is to build key subsystems for the Sentinel-1 SAR satellites. Read more »


RADIOMETer calibration device

This research project is a part of the EU space program and the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer (CIMR) project. The scope was to investigate solutions for the accuracy of measuring temperatures. One possible solution to improve the accuracy of calibration, known at least in theory, was to produce physical temperatures electronically. Italian OHB had recgonized the expertise of DA-Group, and in collaboration we implemented a calibration device. Read more »




DA-Group designs and manufactures advanced equipment and system solutions for aerospace applications. We also carry out development projects for future satellites. DA-Group acts as a subcontractor for satellite and equipment manufacturers as well as for space organizations. Our production processes and facilities meet the stringent standards, quality procedures required for the design and manufacture of airborne equipment.

The quality assurance is in the key  role in these deliveries. In addition to the European Space Satellite Standard (ECSS) and ISO systems, in-house audits throughout the supply chain ensure high quality and reliability throughout the project. As a result of global customer audits, we have received positive feedback on our quality assurance work and transparent processes.




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