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DA-Group delivers technology solutions and equipment to various industry sectors. Our services include equipment deliveries, contract manufacturing and logistics services. We are a trusted partner to our customers when it comes to the manufacturing and assembly of systems, electronic equipment and electronics or production of precision mechanics.

The company's history and production capabilities are based on strong engineering expertise. We are also regarded as a product manufacturing company that assists its clients throughout the product development lifecycle, from product research and custom product development to quality assurance and maintenance activities. We also guide our clients in selecting appropriate technologies, platform and materials for an optimal and cost-effective solution.



electronics manufacturing

DA-Group's manufacturing unit has been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. Our manufacturing services utilize modern equipment, such as SMD lines. We also have specialized spaces, like cleanroom, bonding stations, precision mechanics workshop and electronics assembly facilities.

For example, assembly work that requires an especially clean space or microcircuit bonding is done in a cleanroom, where the air is thoroughly filtered and the temperature and humidity are accurately controlled. These processes prevent fine particles from causing faults in components. Read more »



DA-Group designs and manufactures high-quality injection molds for plastics manufacturing customers. In addition to the injection molds, we provide precision-machined mechanical parts by specialty milling, electrical discharge machining and wire EDM process.

We serve globally-operating Finnish companies, who manufacture thermoplastic products. For these plastics manufacturing companies, it is essential to have well designed and top quality injection molds for their production. Our professionals have tens of years of combined experience in mold design, molding technology and production.


  • Design, production and testing 
  • 2K and 3K component injection molds 
  • Repair, maintenance and modifications
  • Mold inserts for injection molding tools

Customized solutions are developed in close collaboration with the customer to achieve optimal results.




DA-Group excels in machining a wide range of materials, developing and assembling mechanics, electronics and software. Our professionals have tens of years of combined experience in mechanical production, molding design and technology. We work with products in the dimension range of less than 1 mm up to much larger hand-held units, with tolerances down to a few thousandths of a millimeter.

  • Precision mechanics from steel and aluminum
  • CNC fabrication, fully automated machining centers with robotics 
  • Wire EDM process, electrical discharge
  • Specialty milling
  • Optical polishing
  • Measuring and scanning services
  • 3D printing and EOS modelling 

We design and produce small and precision mechanical components, assembled products or ready-made products with integrated electronics and software – all configured, tested and certified based on customer specifications and regulations. Our customers are within the fields of the space and satellite related industries, defence and underwater technology as well as traditional industry in general. 




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