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DA-Group offers its customers agile product development services in a comprehensive package, where different services from product development to manufacturing are offered to the customer under one roof. The expertise in RnD and equipment manufacturing covers products used on seabed, underground in mines and in space.

Vibration, extreme acceleration, rapid and wide temperature fluctuations are the conditions that DA-Group's product development services know how to account for. Our long and extensive experience in understanding extreme conditions enables us to meet the extraordinary requirements at all stages of design and manufacturing. Material knowledge is one of DA-Group's trump cards. DA-Group also offers extensive testing services.

Close-knit and knowledgeable teams enhance the human interaction, a key element of design. This in turn drives the development of ideas forward quickly. Customer orientation is one of the most important guiding principles in product development. Often our product development experts challenge solutions that may be too traditional for the customer. Compared to sectoral thinking, broad-based expertise is a clear competitive advantage that we bring to table.



DA-Group's services cover system and equipment design as well as electronics, software, FPGA, signal processing, RF and mechanics. The end result of our development and design work is a holistically implemented, optimised solution for demanding industrial, defence and aerospace customer needs. Our services also includes manufacturing and testing services.

DA-Group's approach is based on extensive technological and innovation know-how and proactive problem solving. Our job is to find simplified and optimal solutions to the technical challenges. Our capable project management consists of system design, quality assurance and configuration management.                        

We use the most powerful and modern tools available in the industry to support the development and design. The close collaboration between the client staff and our team enables the creation of state-of-the-art products to increase the customer value.



Utilizing radio wave, microwave and millimetre wave technologies,DA-Group designs and manufactures solutions for demanding environments. Our top RF technology experts help the customers at all stages of projects, from the technology concept and product development to production.

We have experience in solving complex RF engineering problems and the latest radar applications. As a comprehensive delivery, we manage high-speed digital data transmission systems, including RF, microwave and antenna solutions.

Our legacy of RF solutions dates back to the 1970s covering a wide range of applications:




DA-Group is the leading company designing and manufacturing custom-designed radio frequency filters for special applications in mobile network industry, defence and aerospace applications as well as research use. The RF filter business line is operated by DA-Group's subsidiary Creowave Filters Oy.

The extremely high accuracy "blue Creowave Filters" are designed for demanding use to meet the strictest testing and high performance requirements of mobile network providers and defence organizations. The portfolio consists of more than two thousand different filters, such as band pass and stop filters, notch filters, high pass filters as well as duplexers (BP/BP) and diplexers (BS/BP). Read more »



low noise microwave Synthesizer

STALO is  a high precision frequency generator of radar  and communications systems. It is used in fixed, airborne and mobile SATCOM, wireless communications, VSAT, radar and instrumentation solutions. STALO is a signal source designed to deliver high performance in a compact package.

The device synthesizes the programmed system frequency signal based on the external reference frequency signal (10 MHz). Output frequency can be set between 5050 - 5258 MHz in 100 kHz resolution. 

The ruggedized device has IP65 class and can withstand condensation environments. It is electromechanically stable according to MIL-STD-188-164A and EMC EN61000-6-4 compliant.




AZELi is an antenna control system for very demanding and difficult terrain conditions. The device allows continuous 360 degree rotation at an angle of up to 210 degrees. The device includes a network connection, an integrated controller and multiple electronic and RF throughputs.

The integrated construction offers simple cabling, easy installation and secure remote control. The system is also easy to install due to its light weight. The heavy duty pedestal supports installations of various antenna sizes and additional antenna equipment.

The system's wide temperature range (-40...+65 Celsius) and low maintenance requirements make it suitable for installations in harsh environments with difficult access.




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