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Independent EW System Tester - DARAD

For military platforms' EW self-protection systems, DA-Group offers an EW testing device, DARAD. It is an innovated 3-in-1 handheld testing device to test the platform’s EW system sensors, such as radar warning receiver (RWR), laser warning receiver (LWR) and missile warning receiver (MWR). The device is user programmable and emits wide-band RF, three wavelength IR and solar blind UV to emulate threats.

For example in critical helicopter missions, there is a need to perform the fast and reliable pre-flight “go/no-go” check. In addition to the proven applications for aircraft safety, DARAD testing device can be used for land vehicles and sea vessels.

The testing tool is independent from sensor manufacturers, and therefore, from any platform's own EW system.  In sum, DARAD tester impartially provides reliable, neutral and accurate test performance.

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