Accelerate operations through digitalization

DA-Group is the executor of digitalization and industrial internet solutions.

  • We know how to make machines smart and talk to each other.
  • We can connect intelligent machines to talk to more and more intelligent machines that analyze and optimize data so that they can perform better.

Our core competency is to design new or upgrade existing devices into intelligent systems. Our services also cover manufacturing, testing, electronics assembly and precision mechanics as well as product life cycle management.

Increase efficiency by remote operations

For example, industrial internet enables manufacturers to know:

  • which devices are out in the field, where they are
  • what they are doing, how they are operating

Improve service and maintenance

  • Remote control tracks usage, wear & tear of machines and their parts to enable proactive maintenance and service
  • Real-time diagnostics predict system failures before they happen

Create enhanced customer value

  • Digitalization enables to create useful customer applications for improved service
  • Accelerate your business with new business models 

DA-Group is specialized in integrated solutions and systems with embedded software, FPGA designs, electronics, mechanics, RF and microwave engineering.
By combining the expertise into one value chain for our clients, we together are offering the complete range of electronic, RF and microwave, design-to-manufacturing systems and for commercial, defence and aerospace customers.



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Mika Hyrsylä

Mika Hyrsylä

Sales Manager
Tel. +358 29 0800 928

Rainer Rissanen

Rainer Rissanen

Sales Manager
Manufacturing Services
+358 29 0802 903