Improved Performance and Safety for Soldiers

DA-Group is a provider of advanced electronic and high technology solutions and products for defence and aerospace organizations.

We offer for Navy, Army, Air Force and ISR - for sea depth, ground, air and space environments.

  • Underwater solutions and systems
  • Target detection systems
  • Simulations and analysis
  • Degaussing systems
  • EME and signature management
  • Industrial participation (IP)
  • EW system testers for sensor verification and operator training
  • Mine fuzes, underwater surveillance sensors & systems and rugged electronics
  • Antenna positioning systems
  • Radar components, testers and radar jammers
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) subsystems and microwave components
  • RF solutions, receivers and transmitters, sensors and switches
  • Space solutions, e.g. Low Noise Ampllifiers (LNAs), High Power Amplifiers and Active calibration loads for radiometers (CALLOAD)
  • Security critical projects with the Facility Security Clearance (FSC) up to level EU SECRET and personal security clearances

The trusted partner with the key quality standards: AQAP 2110 and ISO 9001; Facility Security Clearance (FSC up to level EU Secret), Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and ATEX compliance; ESA PSS and ECSS standards for space projects.

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We are experts in embedded systems, electro mechanics and RF and microwave engineering. Our complete range of services include research, product development, testing and validation, manufacturing and PLM services.




Kristian Tornivaara

Kristian Tornivaara

Chief Business Officer,
Defence & Aerospace
Tel. +358 29 0802 968

Nestori Fabritius

Nestori Fabritius

Business Development Manager,
Defence & Aerospace
Tel. +358 29 0800 923