Recent peer-reviewed scientific articles authored by DA professionals

The staff members of DA-Design Oy have authored the articles below.

Mr. Petri Jukkala, Business Director
Dr. Mikko Kärkkäinen, Project Manager
Mr. Ari Alanne, Senior Design Engineer
Mr. Miikka Altti, Design Engineer, RF
and former employees Mr. Matti Kaisti and Dr. Torsti Poutanen

Please contact Petri Jukkala for more information. 

M.Kaisti, M.Altti, T.Poutanen: "Radiometric Resolution Analysis and a Simulation Model",  MDPI Remote Sensing Journal, January 2016.

M.Kantanen, E.Weissbrodt, J.Varis, A.Leuther, M.Seelmann-Eggebert, M.Rösch, M.Schlecthweg, M.Kaisti, T.Poutanen, M.Altti, P.Jukkala, I.Sundberg, P.Piironen: "Active Cold Load MMICs for Ka-, V- and W-bands", IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation, June 2015.

M.Kärkkäinen, M.Kantanen, S.Caujolle-Bert, M.Varonen, R.Weber, A.Leuther, M. Seelmann-Eggebert, A.Alanne, P.Jukkala, T.Nähri, and K.Halonen: "MHEMT G-Band Low-Noise Amplifiers", IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology, Vol. 4, No. 4, July 2014

M.Kaisti, M.Altti, T.Poutanen: "Uncertainty of Radiometer Calibration Loads and Its Impact on Radiometric Measurements", IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, October 2014.



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