Performance and capability improvement in all conditions

The solutions consist of systems, sub-systems, and equipment. They can be smart R&T based projects or products. Our expertise is to cost-effectively increase an existing system’s performance by modernizing the system and its functionalities with new technologies. DA-Group offers the complete turnkey services from research, development and design, testing and validation, manufacturing to product life cycle management services. 

DA-Group considers it critical to provide homeland delivery, military security of supply and maintenance capabilities in the long term for defence forces and industry. The company is actively participating in Industrial Participation (IP), direct or indirect IP, to support the major programmes of Squadron 2020 and HX by the Finnish Deference Forces.

Our quality system fulfills the key standards: AQAP 2110 and ISO 9001. DA-Group has the Facility Security Clearance (FSC) up to level EU SECRET. Personnel Security Clearances are also available. For space project deliveries the company’s product assurance and manufacturing are fully compliant to ESA PSS and ECSS standards.

DA-Group’s facilities consist of the office and manufacturing building of about 25.000 square meters and a land area of 260.000 square meters. The premises enable DA-Group’s future growth plan according to the strategy. The expansion of manufacturing facilities will serve the long term equipment and systems delivery contracts, especially in the defence and space sector.


Independent EW System Tester - DARAD

For military platforms' EW self-protection systems, DA-Group offers an EW testing device, DARAD. It is an innovated 3-in-1 handheld testing device to test the platform’s EW system sensors, such as radar warning receiver (RWR), laser warning receiver (LWR) and missile warning receiver (MWR). The device is user programmable and emits wide-band RF, three wavelength IR and solar blind UV to emulate threats.

For example in critical helicopter missions, there is a need to perform the fast and reliable pre-flight “go/no-go” check. In addition to the proven applications for aircraft safety, DARAD testing device can be used for land vehicles and sea vessels.

The testing tool is independent from sensor manufacturers, and therefore, from any platform's own EW system.  In sum, DARAD tester impartially provides reliable, neutral and accurate test performance.

NATO - NSN CODE 6940-58-000-6372

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iSNS – Immune Satellite Navigation System

“iSNS – by DA-Group made in Finland, powered by Elisra Combat Proven Technology”

DA-Group will manufacture and market Elbit Systems EW & SIGINT–Elisra's Immune Satellite Navigation System (iSNS). iSNS is an anti-jamming antenna system filtering out GNSS interferences and spoofing.

The iSNS solution is in high demand due to rapidly increasing GNSS jamming threats. Its superior performance provides effective and efficient solution to this rising operational need.

iSNS has an operationally proven capacity to provide reliable, non-stop GPS operation providing comprehensive jamming immunity over extensive geographical areas for multiple satellite channels, handling multiple interfering signals and/or jammers that operate on concurrent frequencies. iSNS is compatible with all types of GPS systems, without prior knowledge of the locations of GPS satellite or GPS receiver antenna. Modular and customizable, iSNS is designed for a wide variety of land, sea and airborne applications, in the defence and in other governmental areas. Its small footprint enables adaptation to compact platforms, and it can be installed as an independent add-on kit.

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Target Detection System for naval influence mines

In underwater technologies, DA-Group has developed and manufactured one of the most modern target detection system (TDS). The key component is the target detection device (TDD) is an intelligent, user programmable mine fuze system for moored and seabed mines, enabling users to develop algorithms and parameters for various target detections. The TDS is also the perfect solution for modernizing out-of-date mines.

The system has the following detecting sensors: acoustic, magnetic, pressure, UW electric potential and optical.

The target detection is done based on user programmable algorithms. The target detection system arms the safety and arming device (SAD) and then initiates the explosive train. Target detection is based on multiple sensor signals processed with algorithms and configured by user programmable parameters. Deactivation method is also set by parameters. The system enable algorithm and parameter development by the end user.

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Antenna Positioning System - AZELi

AZELi is an all-weather precision pedestal and antenna positioning system with network connection, integrated controller and multiple RF and electrical throughputs.

The integrated construction offers simple cabling, easy installation and secured remote control. The light weight makes mast installation easy. Heavy duty pedestal supports installation of various antenna sizes and additional antenna equipment installations.

AZELi supports continuous azimuth and up to 210° elevation rotation. The wide temperature range and minimum maintenance need enable demanding placements in remote, hard to reach locations.

The system supports copper or optical Ethernet with encrypted data transfer. It has manual, remote, automatic and group controlling modes.

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Advanced Radar Tester and Calibrator System - DARTAC

DARTAC system operates as a passive transmitter or an active radar transponder. It simulates transmitter power, pulse length, pulse interval and pulse compression. It can also simulate cross-section area, distance and speed of a target. Through air operation the system offers remote and mobile operation advantages.



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