Defence Technology from Seabed to Space

DA-Group is a trusted partner to defence forces, defence and security industry in Finland and internationally. DA-Group helps customers to improve performance and safety by creating new solutions or by modernizing existing systems with cutting-edge electronics.

We offer the entire service chain to deliver systems, subsystems and equipment - from research, design and development, testing and manufacturing to complete product lifecycle management.

DA-Group is the provider and partner of innovated products for defence and space organizations. Our services include various solutions in demanding environments from sea depths to space vacuum.


  • Underwater solutions and systems
  • Target detection system and fuze devices for sea mines
  • EW testing device (RF, UV, IR) for a platform's self-protection system
  • Radars and radar calibrators
  • Radar testers and radar jammers
  • Pulse modulators and synthetizers
  • Microwave components and subsystems to SAR satellites
  • RF solutions, sensors and switches
  • Antenna positioning systems and pedestals
  • Fast and real time digital signal processing (DSP) 
  • Secured data links
  • Vehicle computers and displays for demanding environments


DA-Group's subsidiary, Surma Ltd, is a provider of comprehensive navy combat survivability solutions. Surma is known around the world as the leading name in navy combat survivability and is the market leader in Finland.

We offer survivability management services, systems, software tools and education internationally for navies, shipyards and other stakeholders in the field.

Our offering consists of susceptibility and vulnerability analysis services, management of electromagnetic environment, as well as variety of design support, research and development.

We also provide complete systems, e.g. degaussing system and loading computers for navies.




Creowave Filters Oy is the leading company designing and manufacturing custom designed radio frequency filters for special applications in mobile network industry.

Performance and Precision - No Excuses

High accuracy radio filters for special cases

Band Pass Filters
Provide unique possibilities to prevent the out-of-band signals from entering the test systems

Band Stop Filters
Remove unwanted signals and prevent these unwanted signals from entering and distorting measurement equipment

Notch Filters
Remove and prevent unwanted signals from entering and distorting measurement equipment like spectrum analyzers.

High Pass Filters
Measure the real power level of transmitted harmonics from the transmitter.

Reduce the number of test runs and cable changes in the final tester environment.

Reduce the number of test runs and cable changes in the final tester environment.

Other Radio Testing products and solutions


Esa Turunen
Creowave Filters Oy
+358 40 868 6308
esa.turunen (at)



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