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Valmet provides future-proof automation solutions for pulp, board, paper, tissue, energy, marine and process industries. The company's  efficient ACN controller family ensures a dependable platform for all  controls and external connections. The ACN (Application and control nodes) products features a reliable platform for basic and advanced controls, fast logic and versatile calculations. Valmet Automation Oy has been collaborating with DA-Group over many years in design and development of controllers and I/O units. 

Process industry operations harness cutting-edge know-how and technology. Valmet's solutions help paper and board manufacturers to optimise quality, reduce energy consumption, improve production efficiency and lower costs. Tampere-based Valmet Automation provides and develops precision automation and information management systems, applications and services. These include distributed control systems (DCS), quality control systems, analyzers and measurement. These solutions help to improve process stability and efficiency to ensure maximum profitability in a sustainable manner.


The cooperation with DA-Group has enabled the development of new, innovative products for the various needs of the process industry. One of the results in the development cooperation is the control units designed by DA-Group for Valmet to interface sensors and actuators in hazardous areas. These control units are used by customers in the process industry for process control systems. The control units are connected in the field and convert the signals from sensors and actuators in hazardous areas to be integrated into the Valmet DNA process control system. The control unit simplifies interfacing and allows maintenance, upgrading and replacement of an existing automation system without the need to rebuild the actual process.

The development work carried out by DA-Group was not only constrained by the timeframe but also by strict equipment directives and standards. The control units had to meet demanding safety requirements, such as ATEX regulations for equipment in hazardous areas. ATEX is the term used for European Community directives designed to protect people working in potentially explosive atmospheres. The implementation of the precise equipment regulations required close cooperation with the certification body from the very beginning of the process. The design must take into account many factors in addition to the product's characteristics, such as its testability and manufacturability.



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