Durable LED display systems

Controlled Oy was founded in 1977 to design and develop LED displays for demanding environments. The first outdoor display systems were delivered in 1998. The displays have an extremely long lifespan. The track record indicates displays to have over 12-year life in 24/7 operation. This means over 100 000 hours. 

LED components are energy efficient and can last decades based on a well designed system development. The customer requirements vary from case to case. The specification process includes defining requirements for environmental factors, shape, size, brightness and system control solutions. The display can be a stand-alone unit or displays can be seamlessly integrated in the customer's systems. 

Controlled has over twenty-year experience in applications of LED technology for harsh environments. In early 2016, DA-Design Oy acquired the company. DA-Group continues to develop and manufacture the most advanced LED solutions in the market. 

Case study: STX Europe Anchor-logo

Controlled delivered the massive logos, 8 meters by 7 meters, to STX Europe on their vessels Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. The old logos, made out of fluorescent tube, were replaced by LED technology based solution. The redesign and modernazation brought about 90 % savings in energy consumption. Furthermore, the LED technology solution also is more reliable and environmentally friendly. 


Markus Marttila

Chief Technology Officer
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