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03 Dec 2020

Alihankinta Subcontracting Fair - Virtual Event

The number one event in the industry, Subcontracting Fair 2020 and AlihankintaHEAT, will be held for the first time in a fully virtual network on 8.-10.2020.

Meet DA-Group's professionals at our virtual exhibition site. The virtual event is free for visitors and will start on Tuesday, December 8th at 8 am at alihankintavirtual.fi. Brella networking service is now open and you will find it here: next.brella.io/join/AlihankintaVirtual20.

There will be a three-day live broadcast live from the studio of the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, pre-recorded program and meetings of industry experts and professionals offered by the Brella networking platform. 250 exhibitors have registered for the event.  The theme of the event is Business from Data.

Hope to connect and chat with you at the exhibition!


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