06 Oct 2020

Vocational training in electronics at DA-Group

The Manufacturing unit of DA-Group initiated a training program for  future electronics industry workers in late September. Together with the Forssa Vocational Institute and the local Employment Office, a customized training program was created and applicants recruited.

Nearly 80 applications were received and twenty candidates interviewed. From the pool, seven persons were selected for the training. 

Saila Tapio, the head of the Manufacturing unit, is pleased with the results. "Candidates have a great attitude and are eager to learn the trade. Additionally, DA-Group was able to directly hire two professionals with prior experience. Since our business is growing rapidly, we want to secure adequate and capable resources."

The training program will last two months, with studies and practices at the vocational institute. This phase will be continued with an apprenticeship period at DA-Group with the potential for a full-time employment.

More information:

Saila Tapio
Head of Business Unit, Manufacturing
+358 29 0802 906







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