06 Aug 2018

DA-Group strenghtens its sales and business development

Kimmo Ylander has been appointed as the Sales and Business Development Officer to lead DA-Group's international sales and business development. Kimmo has over 30-year comprehensive experience in techonology industry and international sales.

"We have significantly invested in operations, premises and human resources over the last four years. DA-Group is being built to meet international standards of high technology corporations. The investments enable us to drive for the next level of growth and enter into international markets. Kimmo's expansive experience and expertise play a significant role in obtaining the growth objectives," states Sami Kotiniemi, CEO of DA-Group.

More information:

Sami Kotiniemi, CEO
+358 29 0800 922

Kimmo Ylander
Sales and Business Development Officer
+358 29 0800 928







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