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17 Jun 2021

Arctic Weather Satellite and Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer contracts


DA-Group was awarded a contract as part of the Arctic Weather Satellite (AWS). The mission will provide frequent coverage of Earth for improved nowcasting and numerical weather prediction. The prototype satellite for the AWS mission is being developed by ESA with OHB Sweden as the mission prime and Omnisys Sweden as the instrument prime. The satellite instrument is a 19-channel cross-track scanning microwave radiometer, providing high-resolution humidity and temperature soundings of the atmosphere in all weather conditions. DA-Group will work as a subcontractor for the Instrument being responsible for the design and development of the 54 GHz and 325 GHz back-ends and associated local oscillators. 

The Arctic Weather Satellite mission is foreseen as an eventual constellation – but as a first step, the aim is to build, launch and operate a prototype satellite. This also embraces the New Space approach by proving new concepts in a cost-effective and timely manner. This is first time that DA-Group is working with New Space approach within ESA program and we are looking forward for the challenging work. With the constellation prospect in the future the project is foreseen as a gate opener for new business approach in DA-Group’s space segment.

Instrument Calibration Assemblies for Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer

DA-Group was awarded a contract as part of the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer (CIMR) program. CIMR is an earth observation mission in the framework EU funded ESA's Copernicus program. The CIMR mission will carry a wide-swath conically-scanning multi-frequency microwave radiometer to provide observations of sea-surface temperature, sea-ice concentration and sea-surface salinity. Uniquely, it would also observe a wide range of other sea-ice parameters. CIMR responds to high-priority requirements from key Arctic user communities.

DA-Group will provide Instrument Calibration Assemblies (ICA’s) for L- and C-Band radiometers. The years of the development work for stabile radiometer electrical calibration is finally taking form in the Spaceborne Mission. The electrical calibration will replace the liquid nitrogen calibration in the radiometer. In addition DA-Group has also been awarded to build the L-Band Receiver. With this contract DA-Group will be one of the key providers for the CIMR mission performance.  

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