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Valmet Automation's control card product series

DA-Group has provided Valmet Automation Oy with advanced electronic services for nearly two decades. The close partnership has made it possible to develop new, innovative products for various process industry needs. One of our latest projects was designing a controller card product portfolio for Valmet. The controller cards are used in systems that control chemical industry processes.

The control card design project was a good example of DA-Group's customer-oriented and proactive problem-solving capabilities. The understanding of Valmet’s applications environment enabled to deliver the solution that met all the requirements in a rapid turn-around time.

The control card products’ development process was subject to strict standards. As an extension to the Valmet product family, advanced security features were part of the requirements. DA-Group was to design a product solution that meets the ATEX regulations of equipment used in hazardous, explosive environments. The work required close cooperation with the certification authority right from the start.

DA-Group’s strong technological and innovative expertise was critical to meet the project requirements, most of which were related to software design. The end result was an ATEX certified control card product series that was customized to meet the needs and that opened new business opportunities for Valmet.


Experienced provider for space projects

System, subsystems and equipment deliveries to the ESA and Airbus Defence and Space 

In the space technology sector, DA-Group has earned its customers' trust by successfully delivering challenging technology and product development projects as well as instruments for space missions.

DA-Group has a proven track record as the trusted and agile subcontractor for the European Space Agency and Airbus Group’s many country organizations. DA-Group has been a subcontractor for various space missions executed by EU, ESA and other major entities. One of the latest projects is the EU's Copernicus programme, which is the most ambitious Earth observation programme to date. It will provide accurate, timely and easily accessible information to improve the management of the environment, understand and mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure civil security.

As part of the Copernicus programme’s Sentinel satellites, DA-Group designed and manufactured subsystems and key instruments for the Sentinel-1 radar satellites.

The Sentinel-1 A satellite was launched into space in April 2014 and has been functioning in orbit for five years. The Sentinel-1 B satellite was launched in April 2016. DA-Group has also completed the deliveries of the subsystems for the Sentinel-1 C and D satellites.

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Radar Subsystems

Stalo - Frequency Synthesizer

STALO is used as a precision frequency generation subsystem of radar systems and communications systems. It is used in fixed, airborne and mobile SATCOM, wireless communications, VSAT, radar and instrumentation solutions. STALO is a signal source designed to deliver high performance in a compact package.

The device synthesizes the programmed system frequency signal based on the external reference frequency signal (10 MHz). Output frequency can be set between 5050 - 5258 MHz in 100 kHz resolution. Frequency is set by serial bus or parallel interface. This ruggedized model has IP65 class and can withstand condensation environments. Unit is electromechanically stable according to MIL-STD-188-164A. The EMC class is consistent with EN61000-6-4 standard.

DA-Group has designed, manufactured and delivered similar low noise microwave synthesizer devices for Vaisala Plc. Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement.
– The cooperation with DA-Group has worked well for our operations and product portfolio. The innovative synthesizers meet the high-quality and durability demands of Vaisala’s customer solutions, says Mr. Juha Salmivaara, R&D manager of Weather Radar Solutions.

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Customized products for demanding rolling stock environment

Control system and equipment for passenger information systems

DA-Group also manufactures a number of its own products, which are at the leading edge in their respective markets. One of the products is a computer control system developed on an open IP technology and used in rail traffic. A wide variety of equipment can be integrated into the system that serves both the operators, drivers and the passengers. For example, the on-board computer, driver panels, cameras, infotainment displays and other passenger information equipment can be controlled by this advanced system, designed and manufactured by DA-Group.

The system and displays are in operation in the new ARTIC trams manufactured for Helsinki City Transport by Transtech Oy, part of Škoda Transportation Group.

DA-Group provided the customer with an innovative solution - an open IP technology based system, which allows integration of third-party equipment. Typically, in the market there are so called closed systems by a manufacturer, which allows only the manufacturer’s systems and devices to be part the overall passenger information solution. Due to the open nature of the system, DA-Group's main challenge was to assure that all various devices work seamlessly together.

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Leading-edge display technology

Display Module Controlling System, DMCU-tool, for Microsoft

DA-Group's technological expertise has played an important role in the development of the customized testing solution for mobile communication devices’ display controlling system. In 1996, DA-Design started the collaboration with Nokia, and currently Microsoft Mobile Oy.

The client’s requirement was to drive various types of latest high end mobile displays to validate and verify them for the use in harsh environments. The one solution was needed to control displays for the technology demonstration purposes and automated display validation.

DA-Group developed an advanced testing device that is used to test and compare various display features. Accurate testing results enable the cell phone manufacturers, like Microsoft, to continuously improve display technologies.

Developing the testing system required excelling in cutting-edge technologies of display devices. DA-Group's expert team is equipped to meet the ever increasing demands for display testing needs. The work requires considerable leading-edge knowledge and processing skills in order to utilize the results and features in designing of the next generation displays.

The significant advantage of the Display Module Controlling System is its fast and flexible configuration according to the newest standards and specifications. Therefore, the integrated system enables the verification and testing of controlled units not only within the extreme limits of operating environments, but also outside the standard boundaries.

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